Monthly Shooting Challenge


Monthly Shooting Challenge


The monthly challenge will be a shooting drill/target that each member may choose to accept. The challenge is now divided into two (2) concentrated areas. The member has the option of either of the two (2) areas. The member may choose either option or may enter both. The concentrated areas are: Accuracy (Target) or Defense.  Each month there will be a new challenge in each of the area to participate in. You only have to pay the monthly fee if you have completed the challenge, so you lose nothing for trying. You get to choose monthly if you wish to participate. You may shoot the challenge as many times as you like for the month. If you complete and pass the challenge (and payment is made), you will be entered into a drawing for a 6-month gift membership for the Riverside Gun Club/Range. The challenge lasts from September to the next September.


Monthly challenge:

  1. Review current monthly challenge for either option (or both), which will be posted online or available at the Gun Club/Range Office (GCRO).
  2. Pay the monthly fee for either Accuray/Defense $5.00 cash only per, at the GCRO, when you turn in your challenge target.
  3. You must have the minimum of three (3) tickets (3 completed/paid challenges) to participate in the drawing.

To verify you have completed the challenge you must submit your target to the range office before the end of the monthly challenge. The target will be counted if you have completed the challenge as described. Monthly challenge director decision is final.

  • Participants:

    • Will use their own firearms
    • Will use their own ammunition
    • May be required to purchase required monthly challenge target (some may be supplied by the GCRO).
    • Sign and date the monthly challenge target. Leave target in the GCRO for verification.
    • Monthly challenge entry fee: $10.00



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