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The Riverside Range Gun Club, Inc. is a private club and will be a members only facility. Membership staff are totally voluntary (no paid employees). The volunteer staff for membership has limited hours for the payment of your membership fee. WALK-IN HOURS: MON/WED/THUR:10:30 AM TILL 12:45 PM & 6:00 - 7:00 PM - FRI: 10:30 AM TILL 12:45 PM - Sun: 12 - 2 PM.

Membership staff are totally voluntary (no paid employees).





Online Application & Renewal* Process Details

1. Prior to filling out the online application, you should read the range rules. You will be asked on the application if you have done this.


2. Be sure to have your drivers license and CCW license (optional) available prior to beginning the application process.


3.If you are an associate to the corporate (family) membership options, you will need the following information prior to beginning the application process.

a. Head of Corporation First and Last Name

b. Date that the corporate membership was paid by the head of the corporation

c. Head of Corporation Phone Number


4. Read carefully and be sure to check off each box as required.


5. Your signature. If you have a touch screen, this should be easy. If you must use a mouse, do the best that you can. Please be sure that you stay inside of the boxed area for the signature.


6. Be sure to click on the submit button. If there is an issue with the application, the form will inform you immediately in red. Please scroll through the application and the issue should be highlighted with a red box.


7. After submitting the application you will be sent by email (at the email you listed in the application) the following emails:

a. A complete copy of the application you filed

b. A document that you should print or have available on your mobile device that you need to bring with you when you make your membership payment. This document will explain the process for paying your membership during membership hours.


Example of document: Annual

Example of document: 6 Month


Membership processing/payment hours at the range:

Membership Hours can vary on the availability of Range Staff.


*renewal - since the online application only takes a couple of minutes to complete, please use the applications for renewal.

Any questions or issues, please email onlinemembership@riversiderange.com

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